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Inspiring Behavior Change for Sustainable, Healthy,
and Equitable Communities

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Find frequently asked questions about SPARKS!

What is Sparks?

SPARKS is the PNSMA’s annual social marketing conference, covering two days of insights and instruction from prominent voices in the field. The event features more than a dozen social marketing experts speaking on behavior change related to some of the most urgent issues we face, including public health, injury prevention, environmental health and protection, and community well-being in the Pacific Northwest. 

Example topics from previous SPARKS conferences include:

  • "Public health and the private sector: Partnerships that support behavior change" 

  • "Preventing tokenism: How to build authentic inclusion in social marketing planning"

  • "Building green cities with social marketing"

Who benefits from something like SPARKS?

Our hope is that people coming from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences will benefit from SPARKS. Urgent issues in the Pacific Northwest will be solved with successful collaboration across many professional fields and disciplines. Whether you work for Waste Management, an environmental consulting agency, a tech firm, or a food bank, we are hopeful that you will learn something meaningful and applicable to your line of work. 

When & Where is SPARKS?

The SPARKS Conference is held on two consecutive days in early December each year.  The conference is typically held in Seattle at the The Museum of Flight, but due to COVID we have moved it online.  Details for the upcoming SPARKS Conference are typically posted in the fall (September).  Please check this details page for more information.

How do I register?

Registration for the SPARKS Conference typically opens in the fall (September/October).  Check the registration page for more information. 

Where can I find the speaker list?

The list of speakers along with their topics for the SPARKS  Conference is typically posted in October.  Check the details page for more information. 

I'm interested in being a speaker at the SPARKS Conference.  Where can I find out more about what that would entail?

We typically start recruiting speakers in the summer.  If we are looking for speakers at this time, more information can be found on our Call for Speakers page. 

Where can I find the list of book prizes given out last year?

Find the complete list of books from past SPARKS Conference prize giveaways here.

I'm interested in sponsoring the SPARKS Conference.  Where Can I find information on the cost to become a sponsor?

We typically sign up sponsors in the summer and fall of the year.  Visit the Become a Sponsor page for more details.  

If you have any other questions regarding SPARKS, Please reach out to

Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association (PNSMA)

1011 Western Avenue, Suite 702

Seattle, WA  98104

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