The SPARKS Conference features social marketing experts from across the Pacific Northwest speaking on behavior change related to some of the most urgent issues we face; discussing topics of public health, injury prevention, environmental health and protection, and community well-being.

SPARKS 2020 will be held as a two day online event on December 7th and 8th. All of your favorite aspects of the conference will still be included, from the engaging speaker presentations to the networking sessions with experts and free social marketing book prizes. For more information and to register, click here.

Note: Details regarding timing and presentation titles are subject to change in the coming weeks. This agenda will be updated accordingly. 

DAY ONE (Health & Safety): Monday, 12/7 (9 AM – 1 PM)

9:00-9:15 AM: Welcome from PNSMA Board

9:15-9:35 AM: Heidi Keller and Cammy Mills (PNSMA Board Members): “Is it social marketing?...and why it matters”

9:35-9:55 AM: Steve Bennett and Hunter Stuehm (Health and Human Development, Western Washington University): “COVID IRL: Partnering with college students and centering their voice to empower them in adapting COVID-19 interventions ‘in real life’”

9:55-10:15 AM: Nico Archer and Elizabeth Hooker (DH, Downtown Spokane Partnership): “Public health and the private sector: Partnerships that support behavior change”

10:15-10:35 AM: Lindsey Maser (City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability): “Testing social distancing messaging from afar: Rapid feedback through online user testing”

10:35-10:45 AM: Break

10:45-11:05 AM: Kristen Haley (WA State Department of Health): “Breaking rules and saving lives: A social marketing strategy of Pandemic Proportions”

11:05-11:25 AM: Amanda Godwin (C+C): “One size does not fit all. How to build a suite of messages that resonate with and reach everyone”

11:25-11:45 AM: Edie Jeffers (Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department): “LOL: COVID-19 messaging that moves us through humor, compassion and personal responsibility.”

11:45 AM-12:05 PM: Michelle Hege and Melissa Thoemke (DH, Washington State Health Care Authority): “Pharmacists at the front lines: Using commitment strategies in adopting prevention behaviors”

12:05-12:15 PM: Break 

12:15-1:00 PM: Networking lunch via Remo

DAY TWO (Equity & Environment): Tuesday, 12/8 (9 AM – 1 PM)

9:00-9:05 AM: Welcome from PNSMA Board

9:05-9:50 AM: Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr (McKenzie-Mohr & Associates): “Introducing Community-Based Social Marketing and the new Fostering Sustainable and Healthy Behavior website”

9:50-10:10 AM: Crystal Borde (Vanguard Communications): “Preventing tokenism: How to build authentic inclusion in social marketing planning processes”

10:10-10:30 AM: Rob Nathan (Oregon Metro): “Feeding two birds with one seed: addressing the root causes of poverty and environmental degradation”

10:30-10:40 AM: Break

10:40-11:00 AM: Laurie Devereaux (City of Bellevue): “Talking trash for water quality”

11:00-11:20 AM: Charlene Andrade and Gretchen Muller (WA State Department of Commerce & Cascadia Consulting Group): “Building green cities with social marketing”

11:20-11:40 AM: Elaine Blatt (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality): “Show me the money (not the greenhouse gas reductions) – Messaging to reduce food waste”

11:40AM-12:00 PM: Nancy Hardwick (PNSMA Board Member): “Crash course in co-creation”

12:00-12:05 PM: Break

12:05-12:50 PM: Networking lunch via Remo

12:50-1:00 PM: Closing 

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